The Artist

Hello, Welcome to my Pet Portrait Blog. First I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself. I was born and raised just outside of Buffalo NY. I am now living in Atlanta GA. My husband and I have two beautiful daughters, 4 Shih Tzu's and a Great Dane. Life is good! Growing up we always had a dog and sometimes other little critters. I was lucky to have parents that loved animals as much as I did. As a little girl I loved to draw and color. I would sit for hours with my friends and draw different things and we would have contests. Later when I moved to GA and after I married and had children I got into the collectibles/antique business. I enjoyed that for 15 years.I started painting on furniture, clothes, glass and old windows. Recycling the old windows and furniture into something whimsy was a big hit. My customers would have me paint windows to hang on their front porches, in their gardens, and even in their houses. That was the beginning of painting murals at home, churches and store fronts. Again people were loving the whimsical style I had. From there I went to a few art classes and loved what I was learning. I was surprised to find that my passion in painting was not landscape, still life or people portraits. My favorite was to paint animals. Maybe because I love animals and I can connect with them. Again, friends and family were enjoying my paintings and soon I was getting jobs to paint peoples pets for gifts. So here I am and loving it.

Important information I will need from you before you order

I paint from photographs which I can get through email or snail mail.
1) Make sure the photo is taken in natural lighting (this helps with the details, coloring and features on your pet)
2) Take the picture on your pets level.
3) A great face shot brings out your pets personality

Along with the photo tell me about: Color of hair, fur, or feathers
Choice of background color
Size of canvas
Full body or Head shot
Number of animals on one canvas(will have added pricing
Added items in background (will have added pricing)
Email, Address and Phone


Size of canvas and price with one pet on canvas

6" x 6" = $65.00
8" x 10" = $85.00
11" x 14" = $110.00
12" X 12" = $110.00
12" x 24" = $135.00
16" x 20" =$145.00
18" x 24" = $160.00
24" x 30" = $175.00

For additional pet in portrait: $ 75.00
50% Non Refundable Deposit Required with order
50% upon delivery



Monday, April 18, 2011

The day I met Buddy

Buddy's Mom Alyse won a free pet portrait from the raffle for the Animal Action Rescue Group. Saturday we met for the first time so she could get the painting. everyone was happy and buddy was a sweet boy. I hope the visit with them again. I know they will enjoy the portrait.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Paws for a Cause, Animal Action Rescue Event in Decatur Ga

What a perfect day for this event. I met many nice people and so many dogs. My two little girls, Zoe and Scooter came along to be my mascots. They helped bring more people into my booth. My husband, Wes also came along to help me set up. Visit the rescue site at for event they have and for different ways you can help.

Paws for a Cause in Decatur, Ga

Friday, April 1, 2011

The finished winning portrait from the AAR raffle

I had so much fun painting Buddy. He was the winner of the Animal Action Rescue raffle that I had from my show at The Little Shop of Arts and Antiques which is in the old town of Lilburn. Be sure to come by another event the AAR is having in Decatur on the 9th.

Paws for a Cause in Decatur, Ga

April 9th 2011 in the square of Decatur, Ga. Animal Action Rescue will be having an event. Check out their website for more information. Lets hope for good weather. Come by my booth and say hello.